Junior Hockey

 Oxton HC run various coaching sessions and teams at the junior level catering for different ages.

For more information please read info below or contact oxtonhcyouthrep@gmail.com


Sunday Training Dates – Most Sundays through September to April.

Sunday – Junior Hockey Training takes place on a Sunday morning 9.45 – 12am at Calday School pitch (opp. Caldy Rugby Club), Telegraph Road.

Early session for Sch Yrs 1 – 5, please arrive to be registered at 9.45am this session will finish at 11am.

Later session Sch Yrs 6-7 – Please arrive to be registered and warm up at 10.45am, this session will conclude at 12.00.

Sticks are provided but we recommend children come dressed appropriately, wearing suitable footwear, shin pads and a gum guard.

Tuesday 6- 7pm Badgers (Yrs 8, 9 & 10 boys)

Thursday 6-7pm – Girls Yr 8 & 9 (U14) Training

There is no need to book a place, just turn up and make yourself known to one of the coaches running the session, who will take your details and explain the process on the day, but if you do require more info please do not hesitate to contact us at youthrep@oxtonhc.co.uk


There are regular Saturday matches for ‘Beavers’ (Y6, 7 & 8 boys and girls .)

There are also regular Saturday matches for ‘Badgers’ (boys in y 9 & 10).

The girls have U14 Girls (Vixens) some matches (y 8 & 9) on Sundays. Y9 & 10 girls play in the ladies’ teams on Saturdays.

The Big Cats U12 Boys and Girls – Yr 6 & 7, and Lion Cubs U10 boys and girls (some Yr3 & Yr4 & 5) have occasional development matches or tournaments on Sundays.

The younger Lion Cubs (Y1 &  2 ) only play ‘matches’ in training. Their training consists of some hockey skills mixed with Agility, Balance & Co-ordination (ABCs) activities. We also play games such as ‘toilet tag’ for fitness and fun.   Concentration levels are not well developed at this stage on the whole!

Badgers and Beavers

Badgers and Beavers fixtures and results are now available on the website here

What to wear?

For matches – red shirt, red socks and navy shorts/skort (Black will do initially).  Official kit for Badgers, Beavers, Vixens can be ordered for Sportsville in Greasby.

For training – Please dress your child for the weather. We advise that Y1 & 2 do not attend during really cold weather as it is difficult to keep them warm.

Trainers or astros must be worn – no shoes, Crocs or boots for safety reasons.  Shin pads and gum guards are recommended.