Mens 4s second league fixture

Oxton Men’s 4s 3
  • Danny Brennan (1)
  • Rob Delius (2)
Bangor 1s 2

The mens 4 had their first home fixture of the season today. Facing Bangor 1s. Which is always a close game every year. But no one on the pitch expected it to be as close as this game. Our first goal came from a great run down the right wing from matt jones and finding an inch perfect pass to  Danny Brennan to slot home. After more hard work to get in the bangor circle a pass across the face of goal found Rob Dellius who put his shot onto a bangor foot resulting in a flick which he confidently stepped up and scored. Half time came and we felt totally in control. Unfortunately bangor scored 2 very soft goals due to some slow reactions and a loss in concentration. We had to get up and carry on fighting which we did to finally have a long corner from myself giving a pass to rob delius who stepped into the banger D and struck the ball neatly past the keeper. With 3-2 being the score we had our injured David Christopher Brereton-Browne up top on his own and the other 9 outfield guys defending for the win.

Well done guys allround top performance. Looking very strong!!!