Memberships 2021/2022 (fill in form below before paying)



  • £185 (£205 If paid after 31/10)

Student / Retired / Unemployed / BTH

18 yrs and over

  • £115 (£135 If paid after 31/10)

School Member (Beavers & Badgers)

11 yrs and over (Yrs 6 – 13)

  • £95 (yearly membership)

School U10s

Under 10 yrs (Yrs 1 - 5)

  • £95 ( yearly membership)

School U10s Pay as you go

Under 10 yrs (Yrs 1 - 5)

  • £50 ( yearly membership)


Non playing social

  • £20 (yearly membership)

New Senior Member


  • £92.50 (50% discount for new members in first year)

New Student / Retired / Unemployed / BTH

18 yrs and over

  • £57.50 (50% discount for new members in first year)

Prior to using the above, can you please fill in the membership form here before returning to this page to make payment. All members are expected to fill in a new form each year to update their details.

The options above take you to our facilities to pay via a monthly Direct Debit facility via GoCardless or via Paypal (add to basket) to pay via Lump with a card etc.

* All non Direct Debit prices shown exclude a 2% transaction fee which is applied when a membership is added to the basket.

* Direct Debit fees include a additional 6% transaction fee within the amount shown.

*Please note that School U10’s are required to pay the £50 membership fee as well as the weekly coaching fee or they can opt to pay a lump sum/DD instead.

*All members are required to pay membership. Only Goalkeepers with their own recent kit have historically been exempt from fees, but due to the CSC Levy they will be now be expected to pay the social membership fee. There are no other exemptions from paying the membership fee for playing members.

NEW Members –  New Adult and Student / Retired / Unemployed / BTH Members joining Oxton HC for the 2021-2022 season are entitled to a 50% discount on the full price.

Family Membership – 3+ playing family members (one must be full paying senior member), on application please contact Membership Sec. Please fill in the membership forms for each individual and email, who will contact you with the correct fee. A DD can be arranged for this as well via the Sec.

Direct Debit of equal monthly payments from Sept – Mar.  This year each member will have to enter into a new DD arrangement with the club.  It will be set to take 6 monthly payments of the amount shown above. It will start on the day that you start the DD agreement and payments will be taken on the same day each following month for 6 months.  i.e. If you start in late August it will run from 6 months to February next year. September will run to March next year. We will not be accepting DD payments starting past the end of September. The DD payments will be set up to automatically cancel after 7 payments. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL PREVIOUS DD’s. These arrangements will continue to run until last years membership amount has been paid and will then be automatically cancelled. This may mean two DD’s may be taken in the first months of the year if last years DD was set up late.

Lump Sum Payment of cash or cheque, payable to Oxton Hockey Club. Cheques an be sent to to Eliz James, 16 Arno Road, Oxton, CH43 5UX

Payment via BACS We will be accepting payment of membership via BACS. However you must clearly reference the payment using the name(s) of the members being paid for.  You must also complete and return a membership form, indicating on there the method of payment you wish to use and detailing the exact amount that will be transferred. Please find below the club’s bank details: It would also be helpful if a confirmation email could be forwarded to to confirm that the payment has been made.

Sort code: 30-15-52
Account number: 02586730